Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some new friends....

So here are three of my most recent projects. This first one, we found at a garage sale this past weekend and got an incredible deal on it. Now, the "before" shot makes this desk look so much better than it was. The desk is mostly pressed wood, and there were a lot of unattractive marks on the dresser, so I decided to paint it. Have you noticed that I am a huge fan of painted furniture?! =) is what I accomplished on a $4 budget and a lot of hardwork.

The Before...


Now here is one of my favs!
This project was from my most recent client... she had this dresser and it was not fitting in with her style...

So I think my hardwork finally paid off when this was the end result...

I love this little dresser! She is super charming!

Here is another before and after- not near as stunning but I really like the end result.

Just some basic white paint, some distressing and effort and she's a keeper.

Let me know if you have some furniture that needs a little or a lot of help!


  1. Wonderfully done!

    Let me ask, how do you redo pressed board? My dining room table has a lot of water marks and such that could use a redo, but I'm not sure how to go about it? Is it salvageable??

  2. Thanks!
    There were a few water marks on this desk as well. I tried to sand some of them, and they got a little better. I think if you sanded a little, put a coat or two of primer and then 2 coats of paint- that should cover up most of the damage. I think it's valid to say it's not gonna look any worse, so you might as well try?? =)