Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Catching Up on Some Past Lovelies

Here are some recent Before & Afters:

Unfortunately I do not have "before" pics for these next few cuties. =(

This next piece was an antique mirror that was missing the mirror- it belonged to my husband's grandmother- I made it into a gigantic tray. 

This next one was made for basically free and in about 15 minutes. I made my little boy a teepee tent out of 2 old crib sides that were given to us and added a tan sheet and some Christmas lights. 

This is one of my personal all time favorite pieces- an updated play kitchen- complete with chalkboard canisters, polka dot curtains, and a chalkboard shopping list on the side. 

This next piece was another antique mirror frame that came with an old dresser I refinished- it had no mirror so my husband turned it into a shelf and we added some paint and it is now one of my favorite pieces in our home. =)

Monday, July 15, 2013

So many fresh faces!!!

 If your wondering why I haven't been posting it's not because I haven't had items to share, but rather so many I never had time to post till now.... so this will be a long one and forgive the poor picture quality- the canon has yet to be fixed =(


And After

This is one of the before pics of the next set- you get the idea right? 

And After 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Some new kids on the block...

A couple new before and afters: (forgive the poor picture quality, my Canon is in need of a repair shop visit.) =(
Plain Jane turned into a Western Beauty 

This two toned piece needed a major face lift and the help of some Fleur de Lis knobs- she is missing one handle but we fixed that before she went to her new owner...