Friday, June 22, 2012

A Whole Lot of Cuties...

Here are several pieces I have refinished as of late- all of these items either belonged to clients or have already found new homes so... none of the furniture items in this post are avaiable for sale.

 Now for a lengthy before and after gallery:
The first one may possibly be one of my all time favs!

This dresser was refinished for a nursery- so we custom matched the paint color to the bedding already picked out. =)

And here is the bookcase in my client's home- isn't the picture beautiful! If you are looking for a phenomonal photographer- check out his work:!/brandononealphotography 
 Ahhh I wish I could sell all my pieces to him so the after pics could look this good! Ha!

And here is a little project makeover with a cabinet door I picked up- more of these are avaiable!
Cost is $30

And this project turned out well too I think- 3 tier dessert trays- made with plates and glass candlestick holders!

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