Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some Cuties!

Here are two new dressers for sale. They are ADORABLE, if I must say so myself... and I must. =)

UPDATE: This item has sold.
Shabby Chic Numbered Dresser: White, 4 drawers (top with petite glass knobs), distressed and stenciled numbers with khaki paint. $115

 She started out pretty rough... but we fixed that...

UPDATE: This item has been sold.
Next up:
Vintage Mustard Dresser (could also be used an entry table, buffet, changing table in a nursery or even a TV Stand). Color is darker than pictured. $85

 This is the before:
 and after:

She can also be refinished in a color of your choice for an extra $20

Next is a cute antique bookcase- this one was a custom order so it is not for sale
Milky Bookcase

And here are two projects I had my hot hubby help me with =)

First: a project we tackled a few months ago:
A friend of mine sold me two of these antique windows for $10 a piece!!!! Now THAT is a good friend. So I decided to highlight them by adding some 8x10 sephia toned pics- that were just taped with regular scotch tape on the back- I LOVE how they turned out! I think I got all these pics printed at walgreens for $20 so this huge wall art came in at a little less than $50.

Next a project my husband just finished today. I bought two of these wood shutters from a lady for $10.
It took me a couple weeks to decide what I was actually going to use them for... but then it happened...
I grabbed some yellow spray paint

 and 4 table legs I bought at a flea market for $1 years ago =) and asked my husband for some help...

This is not a functional bench that people sit on but rather some bright eye candy for our front yard:

Not bad huh?? 

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